Monday, March 8, 2010

Puppy Play Yard

Looking for the best puppy play yard on the market? Well I have found a quality play yard at great price, it has an additional extension piece that you can make the playpen larger if necessary.

This is a very versaltile play yard can be used for children as well as animals, just as successfully.

It really is the best puppy play yard available on the market.

This play yard sets up quickly and are very easy to clean and gives you that peace of mind your child or animal is safe while you are out of eye contact.

Puppy Play Yard

Dog exercise pens are perfect for socializing your canine. When your pet has friends over to play, they are able to interact with each other. Make sure you provide proper supervision and that the animals are acquainted before letting them loose.

 To properly introduce canines, use a leash under close supervision and if necessary, consult a professional trainer.

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Pet pens are excellent places to have your canine socialize not only with other animals, but also with other humans. The earlier your pet starts interacting with other canines, animals, and people, the easier it will be to take her anywhere you go and know that your canine is calm and you have complete control. Your canine will be much happier and content and you will be more relaxed as well when in new environments. It is the best cheap play pen available.

When you are teaching your canine basic commands such as sit, come and stay, a pet pen is a perfect location for introducing new training to your pet. If you take your canine to a trainer, the trainer will give you certain commands and assignments to practice at home between lessons and a pet pen is the perfect place to practice them. When I teach my canine new commands, one of the first places I start practicing is in the dog exercise pen. My canines know this is a place to learn and listen, and they do much better at not pay attention to other distractions. Once they have been taught the basics of a new command then, then I move them outside the pen and start adding distractions.

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